Powerful Fitness Tracking

Gritbit is a professional fitness tool, that lets you track your, or your client's, exercises and fitness level. Thanks to the easy log mechanisme and detailed statistics, gritbit assists in staying motivated and finding critical bottlenecks in your exercise routines.

The power of analytics

Whether you're doing your daily run, going to a martial arts class, or doing a crossfit workout. On gritbit, you can log it all. This gives you great insight in your overall fitness and performance level without having to switch between different services. As an athlete it's important to stay motivated, and work towards improvements. Gritbit assists with just that.
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Unlike other fitness trackers, gritbit encapsulates the entire fitness spectrum. Next to regular workouts such as running and biking, gritbit also supports weightlifting, crossfit routines, stretching, yoga, meditation and more.

Workout-based Tracking

While other trackers focus mostly on individual exercises, gritbit focuses on full workout routines. Routines can be created and performed multiple times. Each routine has a perform time and/or round count. This is perfect for Crossfit or other routine based sports.

Personal Records

When logging workouts, your overall best scores will be logged seperatly. Each time you break a personal record, you will receive a notification. You will also able to view your personal bests over time.

Goal Tracker

Create and store personal goals to keep a close eye on a particular part of your progress. A goal can be set for any exercise, and any metric. Goals can be created per day, per month, per year, or across all your workouts.

Excercise Details

Request individual statistics per exercise to get an exact picture of your progress.

Weekly/monthly Email Reports

Gritbit provides a clear overview of your exercise level in weekly and monthly formats. It's also possible to receive your reports by email at the end of each week/month and year.

Live Tracker

Thanks to the mobile live tracker, it's possible to log workouts while performing them. This give more insight in the time spent on each exercise, and makes it easier to track repeated workouts.

Weight Tracker

Use the mobile version to keep a daily log of your weight, fat- lean- and water percentages included.

Personal Record Finder

Ever been unsure about your previous PR of a particular exercise? With the mobile version you can check your personal records in seconds. From anywhere, at anytime.


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Who uses gritbit?

Fitness fanatics

People who love to push themselves and often change sports or exercise routines use gritbit to keep track of their fitness.

Crossfit Members

Gritbit is ideal for Crossfitters as it allows them to follow up on their progress of workouts and individual PRs.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers use gritbit to offer to their clients. This way they can keep a close eye on each client's fitness level and goals.

Crossfit Gyms

Crossfit gyms use gritbit to create public workout schedules or benchmark workouts that can be performed by its members.